Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This Heat - "Nivelles" (This Is ‎– This Is 7) 1981

Interesting live improvisation recorded at Nivelles france,in 1981. featuring Gareth Williams on instant rewind Cassette player, Charles Hayward on percussion, and Charles Bullen on very understated guitar.
You can do stuff with tape that you could never imagine any digital apparatus getting anywhere near. Digital sound comes in blocks and steps, whereas analogue sound is a smooth sine wave;both have their charms and uses,and both are essential parts of sounds' future.
This first appeared on the Recommended Records quarterly in 1987,and in this form, as a bonus mini CD with the 'Out of Cold Storage' box set from 2006.
For all you completists out there,you know who you are?


12345 said...

I can't download zip, google drive said that this file was download too much times, but I'm afraid it's just a copyright shit(

Anonymous said...

Nivelles is a small town in Belgium, not in France.