Friday, 26 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Live In Chicago 8/25/2000" (Carbon Records ‎– CR040) 2001

They could do it Live too! This performance is a fully improvised, noise, drone onslaught, with none of those charmingly deranged non-songs to entertain the crowd. The audience kept respectfully quiet for 36 minutes,and seemed to fully appreciate it with sparse applause,cheering, and the odd whistle! Tomasin bangs away behind the feedback,effects,and guitar noise, like a toddler with a new drum;contributing some drowned out vocalisation in his inspired 'speaking in tongues' style. Rather marvellous, i'm sure you'll (dis) agree?

1 Live In Chicago 8/25/2000


bill said...

Seems in 2003 Reynols were refused permission to enter the UK.

"Maybe [the customs officer] was really afraid that Reynols could radically change the economy of the United Kingdom."

Wonder if they've been allowed to play the UK since?

Mrs. Inside said...

Thanks for all the Reynols!

Jonny Zchivago said...

The UK ruling elite wouldn't want anyone as Free as Reynols playing and corrupting the masses. The UK should have its own Reynols equivalents anyway!