Friday, 19 September 2014

Art Bears ‎– "Winter Songs" (Rē Records ‎– Re 0618) 1979

On a sad day when Scotland voted NO for independence,and YES to the New World Order; I couldn't think of a Scottish band to post;but you can recheck The Prats and He's Dead Jim, 'cus they're good.
So here's another Chris Cutler group on Recommended Records instead( with Fred Frith, and Dagmar Krause). 
I was first drawn to them because they were on Ralph Records. Don't really have anything to say about this, except that it is the ambient reflection of the minds of the chin stroking types in 'Art' galleries; elitist, soul-less, cold, humourless, and intellectually intimidating. Pop this on when you want to appear 'Intellectual' to stupid people. Yes, a tad pretentious, but a cracking piece of work that wouldn't be out of place given an airing in some damp fusty crypt, or as a soundtrack to a funeral full of people the departed participant didn't like.


A1 The Bath Of Stars
A2 First Things First
A3 Gold
A4 The Summer Wheel
A5 The Slave
A6 The Hermit
A7 Rats And Monkeys
B1 The Skeleton
B2 The Winter Wheel
B3 Man And Boy
B4 Winter / War
B5 Force
B6 3 Figures
B7 3 Wheels


bill said...

A sad day indeed. As an ex-pat Scotsman denied a vote I consider it a national disgrace. Thanks for the gloomy music JZ, most appropriate right now.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yep,Scotland missed an opportunity to create a new direction, with a new credit based currency,accountable government, and to put people first before money. They also let down every other absorbed peoples who saw this as a chance for independence, like Corsica they have zero chance. Instead its a vote for Globalisation and the NWO!?....don't understand was fear that won the day. Sorry mate,especially at being disenfranchised because you live outside of Scotland.

rev.b said...

I think you nailed it JZ, fear. I know with the next post you'll be veering away from RIO-land, but before you do, might you have an ep called The Last Nightingale? It was released in support of a minor's strike in 1984-85. Your comment here reminds me of a line from one of the songs - something along the lines of 'the more it takes, the more the mass moves back.' Can't wait to see the promised greater power and autonomy is coming Scotland's way. Doubt any of us will live to see it.