Tuesday, 9 September 2014

This Heat ‎– "Health And Efficiency" (Piano ‎– this 1201) 1980

This Heat's 'happy tune',”about the sunshine”,clean living and keeping a healthy mind and body for the ideological struggles ahead. They speak my language, and make music that speaks to my brain,mind and spirit. I won't use my usual line about there being an alternate reality where this has been number one for thirty three years, but the title track of this EP is This Heats 'Hit'; 'This Hit' if you will?
It goes against every rule that formulates a 'hit' record. 40 seconds before the singing starts,then its positive message isn't repeated, then the singing doesn't start again,when it does there is no chorus,it stops again and the tune and tempo changes into a repetitive lock groove for four minutes,seguing into a frantic climax that fades out into a slow instrumental version of the opening phrases! Oh,yes, its also Too Long! The average human mind can't take anything longer than three minutes you know.
So if twisting turning eight minute long experimental avant pop isn't for you, do not play the b-side; the 15 minute drone tape experiment “Graphic/Varispeed”,as featured on the “Repeat” album.
A fine “single(?)” that would struggle to make the top thirty in any part of the multi-verse. Its so special that even theoretical physics or statistics can't ruin its infinite appeal.


A - Health & Efficiency
B - Graphic/ Varispeed

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Anonymous said...

One of the best releases ever