Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Blank Tapes" (Trente Oiseaux ‎– TOC 002) 2000

Firstlyly, here's my review of this CD:


don't expect this to sound like 'norma'l Reynols,if that word applies to this great group.

as Google Drive decided to suspend my files for 24 hours(should be ok now?) without warning or prior notice yesterday for being too popular, this "Blank collection of Tape Hiss is a very appropriate statement. A blank download for you to fill in the space for yourselves.

Third and a halflyly,
If you like Tape Hiss check out The New Blockaders classic "Epater Les Bourgeois"  .

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bill said...

Thankyou for this and for all the Reynols stuff JZ. It's feel-good music, no question about that.