Sunday, 7 September 2014

This Heat ‎– "Deceit" (Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH 26) 1981

The best record of the 80's, according to Rolling Stone magazine, was 1979's (???) 'London Calling'. This, of course is misguidedly wrong. Not only was this album from the 70's, it has some decidedly self-conscious awfully contrived crap on it.

The correct answer is obviously “Deceit” by those denizens of the basement club, This Heat.

No other record captures the constant fear of mutual annihilation on cold war era Earth than this wildly experimental,yet accessible, dark masterpiece. The saddest thing about this art object,is that it is even more relevant today, in these fear peddling, CCTV saturated times. Where the US president flippantly admits to “Torturing some folks” ,and individuals can be executed without trial by remote controlled drones,anywhere on the planet. No-one is safe!

The Ironic words of the American constitution form the basis of the song “Independence”.Recorded in a time when US citizens were comparatively free, compared to the modern state which houses the largest prison population in world history (fact,not fear)!

“A New Kind of Water” encapsulates the problem of a controlled and manipulated western world, “We've got some men on the job” so don't worry about it. “We were told to expect more,but now that we've got more, we want MORE!”, so we consume one and a half planets worth of production a year, to be distracted from the creeping Orwellian one world state. Enforced upon us stealthily by fear propaganda from those unelected “odd men in odd jobs”.

“Cenotaph” should be the theme tune to this sickening celebration of the 'beginning' (not the end!?) of World War One. A gross abuse of human rights,and an early experiment in de-population;a policy advocated today by multi-billionaire monopolist,Bill gates.De-population obviously meaning getting rid of the poor people?

We don't need a 'celebration', we need an apology for the genocide of the European male working class. Also the sequestration of the vast profits made by the Rothschild bankers after financing both 'sides' and in the future financing it again by backing Hitler!

The music is ferocious, aggressive, and endlessly inventive. Twisting and turning in attempts to find an ultimate truth among the deceit. The general tone is pessimistic, but there is a glimmer of hope amongst the tape collage, noise,monk-like vocal harmonies and pounding rhythms; the hope that as many people as possible can hear This Heat and absorb the political anti-matter to cancel out the direction of this run away train that we are trapped on; by affirmative actions, rather than blind,grasping, consumerism. This record is about Fear,and losing fear is only true path to 'Freedom'; but, above all, it's about DECEIT.


A1 Sleep 2:14
A2 Paper Hats 6:02
A3 Triumph 2:55
A4 S.P.Q.R. 3:28
A5 Cenotaph 4:39
B1 Shrinkwrap 1:40
B2 Radio Prague 2:21
B3 Makeshift Swahili 4:04
B4 Independence 3:42
B5 A New Kind Of Water 4:57
B6 Hi Baku Shyo (Suffer Bomb Disease) 4:03


Anonymous said...

This record might be complete rubbish but, yeah, fuck the Clash. Corporate cock-sucking major label public schoolboy revolution shit with all the political clout of Jonathan King's tribute to Thatcher record.

Jonny Zchivago said...

If this record is complete rubbish,then I'd like to know what you think isn't?
I agree with your spittle fuelled diatribe against The Clash. But you gotta admit the Clash's first LP is a rock'n'roll classic.

Anonymous said...

I've got this LP but it's been so long since I've heard it [not helped by the dead Rega turntable in the other room] that I don't recall anything about it. This will be a great listen! Many thanks.


pinkpressthreat said...

I've already got this on various formats, and love it, but just wanted to say you made me grin r.e. The Clash (so did Anonymous [1]). And agreed the first LP IS a classic, in hindsight their best. Soft spot for the Cost Of Living EP too.

Convivial Cannibal Clan said...

I'm going to disagree with you on something. Eventually.


Wow a year later and that happens all the time now. Should of signed us up for that Andrea Yates swim classes when you had the chance huh Pops!? ☻ I still love it. More so now even. The Clash are The Clash to me as well always. They can do no wrong, er, um boyo. I even like This Is England with all that church choir swaying and hand holding that likely goes on with it's play. If you know what I mean then you're as crazy as loon friend. Feels good to say that over being told it. Anyways I lost my virginity to Rock The Casbah so all kinds of emotions swell up in tiny rubbers for me with them. I have no idea who I am ranting at right now but whoever they are they better bring protection. No magnums though. Call me racist but I'm not Reed Richards. I am petite and brittle in the dawning of my curmudgeon golden showered years. It's about respect you know. Thank you for letting me still come here Jonny. I promise to wear pants more often like I promised before. I just forgot but I won't forget again. I'm glad you like This Heat. Me too. ♥


Oh sorry I forgot about 'Independence' man. Sorry about that. Ignore everything I said as usual. You are right as usual. Horrible as that is.