Sunday, 5 January 2014

Women Of The SS ‎– "Rigor Romance" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 25) 1985

Basically a load of sounds, including lots of muffled SS female groaning, shoved through an analogue echo chamber, for 60 minutes. Some would call this a sound collage. Put anything through  an echo device and it sounds good. So from the craft angle, 2 out of ten;musical innovation for 1985, 2 out of ten; as a Women of the SS release,5 out of ten. This represents what I don't  like about the Industrial genre; the generic nature of the technique, which can be done by anyone, if they could be arsed. Its not innovative, or difficult, but it is effective. I could shit out a cassette like this every night, but it seems so pointless.But I don't mind listening to someone else doing it for me; and this ain't a bad example. Although not one of the best WOTSS titles. This was made by that creepy bloke from Sleep I guess I should put up a couple of Sleep Chamber Cassettes next, huh?

Track Listing:

A1 Untitled

B1 Untitled



Cresh Wainright said...

Always liked this band, and yes, chuckle at their chicanery. And so your hilarious review (right down to the double SS in romansse!) fits in nicely! Thank you for the music on yr site , and yr wit! Quick question for you: Had a file of 'The Oblique Collection " compilation lp (Sleep Chamber, Dokument, Hideous In Strength, etc)but it is damaged. Is their a chance you can offer a download of this classic lp? Wishing you well, cheers! William at,,,if you can get back to me, that would be great!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, i have a copy of "The Oblique Collection", i remember ripping it i think. Will probably post it, or send you the link once i've uploaded it.