Friday, 21 May 2021

Martin Carthy – "Shearwater" (PEG – PEG 12) 1972

It be the great daddy of the UK Folk revival's 80th birthyday today. All Hail!
So as a tribute,and with virtually zero moronic waffle from me, here's One of Martin's bestest ever albums for you all to celebrate with...bloody crap cover though!? This may be an unimaginative piece of script,but its more than most other blogs can be bothered to write.Normally its jsut a picture and a highlighted "Link" that's long dead.....unlike the great Martin.
Happy 80th Birthyday Martin Carthy.....MBE.


A1 I Was A Young Man
A2 Banks Of Green Willow
A3 Handsome Polly-O
A4 Outlandish Knight
A5 He Called For A Candle
A6 John Blunt
B1 Lord Randall
B2 William Taylor
B3 Famous Flower Of Serving Men
B4 Betsy Bell And Mary Gray


Anonymous said...

It's my eldest daughter's birthday as well today, so I've now got two things to celebrate! Thanks very much, Milly's Grandad. ps Transatlantic never did do the best of covers, informative, but not the ones you'd carry under the arm of your RAF greatcoat to impress your peers...

Bambi said...

Thanks Jonny. Only problem with Martin Carthy, is when I've seen him live the chat before each song in as long as the song is. He's still great though.

Mystic said...

Had a bit of trouble finding your blog...ended up here instead...

DIY or Dye is a fabric shop and haberdashery specialising in a queer, feminist and fat positive approach to crafting.

danbis1008 said...

Thank You Jon. I for one look forward to your "comments" as muce as I look forward to the music(most of your folkie groove I've got) Always puts a smile on my face. Please keep it coming.

Jonny Zchivago said...

0 mystic.....queer, feminist and fat positive...just about sums me up.

Jonny Zchivago said...

cheers danbis1008, i will onwards go.