Saturday, 25 May 2019

Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe ‎– "Duo Exchange" (Survival Records SR 101) 1973

Frank Lowe must have wet himself when he bagged Coltranes drummer Rashied Ali to spare half an hour of his time to record these two one take improvisations and kick start Franks career.
He certainly dosen't sound overawed,as he spews out a barrage of sounds that bring to mind a napalm attack on a flock of Ducks flying south of hell for the winter,featuring the sound of Daffy Duck being throttled,given CPR,then choked again......several times.
The smell of burning feathers in the morning aside. This is a recording of both men in hot form.Charlie might not surf, but Frank and Rashied certainly can create a wave of ruthless noise plucked from out of the flames.
As I've now exhausted my dogged reservoir of Apocalypse Now references,and duck synonyms,I strongly recommend that you download this beast,and show off to your swell Artist Friends just how bohemian you really are(n't).


Exchange - Part 1 (13:34)
Exchange - Part 2 (15:09)


rev.b said...

I've been wanting to check out something released on this label for longer than I can remember, just never had the opportunity before now. Much appreciated

Pisŧöff said...

Don't know which we prefer Jonnie- your musical selections or the witty repartee.


Anonymous said...