Monday, 20 May 2019

Bongwater ‎– "Breaking No New Ground!" (Shimmy Disc ‎– shimmy 0002) 1987

Ironically with a title that could grace many a modern record sleeve.Post Shockabilly, Kramer did Bongwater, with the rather fantastic Ann Magnuson.Starting with this EP, featuring, no less,avant-garde guitar legends Fred Frith and Davey Williams!
Magnuson, was a downtown scenester and actress,whose profile was raised by her dalliances with the Mudd Club and Club says here.She was also in 'desperately Seeking Susan', but best keep quiet about that one eh?
Her and Kramer seemed the perfect match,with Ann's unhinged satirical monologues and Mark Kramers rather unusual backing tracks;which actually manage to be funny and break new ground?
It all went so terribly wrong when legal action between the two cheif protagonists ended in the Bankruptcy of Shimmy Disc.
Curiously around the time your scribe attended the Shimmy Disc 10th anniversary party at the Knitting Factory (1997).I have no-idea who played at it, but they did serve Boddingtons at the bar.
Jay Zee,ie moi ,the  morning after that shimmy disc do,indulging in traditional american cusine.


1.Ride My See-Saw
2.Barely Coping
3.4 Sticks
5.His New Look


rev.b said...

Beware! It's that shity food we eat that makes us so fucking ugly, that and the fact we think we're sooo exceptional. That said, it looks delicious.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I was rather amused that the breakfast menu in most American eateries seem to include 'two large eggs' as standard with everything.....except blueberry pancakes! Avoiding that prospect is probably why i'm so good looking.

pinkie said...

Nice suntan you have there JZ. Rather fantastic is right re. Ann magnuson. I'd forgotten she was in that Madonna, er, 'vehicle'. Her most memorable screen moment has to be when she played Bowie's dinner in The Hunger (1983). Yummy :D
Cheers for this, one I haven't got on any format. Love Double Bummer too.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, its one of those winter suntans,coupled with too much imported bretish beer.
Ann Magnuson, one of those women you fall in love with via her voice and personality, then you see her, and one cools off a tad.....we can say i love your mind, but the instincts say something else.
I'm vomiting...did someone mention a madonna vehicle?