Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Derek Bailey & Eugene Chadbourne ‎– "Tout For Tea!" (Rectangle ‎– Rec-L) 1995

Derek Bailey and Chadbourne dueting?????
There are some spoken interchanges between the two, and towards the audience.With 'Blue Jeans' attempts at humour falling very flat.
Derek sounds rather witty however,but Eugene sounds as irritating as his guitar style.
I dunno which one wins out in the number of collaborations league,but I wager neither of them has ever managed to achieve an 'Eno Collaboration'?........would love to hear of any great lost Bailey and Eno collaboration out there, one can but dream I guess?


A1 Nover Go Around 6:02
A2 Concerto 7:10
B1 When He Sings + (Extra Bonus) 9:38
B2 Promo Interview (On Subjects Like: The Rake, Derek And The Standby, Etc.) 4:12


rev.b said...

Well, as for a Eno/Bailey collaboration, sort of, there is this... Gavin Bryars ’1, 2, 1-2-3-4′: I guess the term collaboration is a bit shaky. they're both participating in a performance of someone else's work and neither is playing in their signature style. That said. they are in the same room performing together. I'm afraid I've gotten over Eugene, but I would gladly tune in for a Chadbourne/Eno duet, like that's ever gonna happen.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed,I doubt Eno would want to be in the same room a s Chadbourne.....too infantile.
Stretching the definition of collaboration is the Gavin Bryars piece...nice try though.