Sunday, 12 May 2019

The Music Improvisation Company ‎– "The Music Improvisation Company" (ECM Records ‎– ECM 1005) 1970

Derek Bailey was also in some groups too!
One of which was The Music Improvisation Company,with frequent collaborator Evan Parker, and a bloke who was in King Crimson for one album, Jamie Muir on percussion.
Inside the brown paper bag cover,lies an album of challenging free improvisation.A much needed alternative to the dull dull dull hard rock that dominated in 1970.
These people existed in bubble of their own making,as if rock music had never been invented, or if it had,chopped into pieces, reassembled and smashed with a hammer. Put your Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple,and Uriah Heep records into a rotating cement mixer, and the resulting racket would sound not unlike this very record.


A1 Third Stream Boogaloo 2:36
A2 Dragon Path 10:23
A3 Packaged Eel 8:42
B1 Untitled No. I 7:05
B2 Untitled No. II 7:32
B3 Tuck 3:04
B4 Wolfgang Van Gangbang 7:05


rev.b said...

Well now we're getting serious. This was my first encounter with what came to be called improv. I couldn't make head nor tail of it, but I kept trying. Still am. Compelling, ain't it?

Nick said...

Thanks for all the Bailey and Fred Frith related items that you've posted recently.
Tis appreciated.

Topography of the Lungs featuring Han Bennink and Evan Parker was the one that really did it for me. That album would sound 30 years ahead whenever it was released.

Incidentally, I'm sure that you're aware of Han Bennink's ICP? Bailey features on at least a couple.