Thursday, 25 February 2016

Data-Bank-A ‎– "Access Denied" (K.O. City Studio ‎– KO5) 1986

Well, here's a third post for Data-Bank-A,dunno anything else to say about them, so I'll post a picture that sums up my feelings/thoughts on the matter.

Well.If that doesn't make you wanna download this file I dunno what will!?


A1 Access Denied
A2 Stress Factor
A3 Trickle Down
A4 The Range
B1 Etiquette Of Travel
B2 No Mecca
B3 Waiting Room
B4 Once...

DOWNLOAD access accepted HERE!


Paulo X said...

Thanks for the Data-Bank-A. I had never heard of them, and they are fantastic!

emuziek said...

Data-Bank-A -(Andrew Szava-Kovats) is a multi-talented artist. Vinyl On Demand recently released a box set that is great. You can also support the artist directly and get a cool compilation set at a reasonable price. If you enjoy Data-Bank-A then definitely check out his other projects: (Dominion, Parade of Sinners, Fossil Man). Look him up on -or here:

Troy Date said...

Love it! Great blog.