Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Digital Dinosaurs ‎– "Huh?..." (Spott Records PUSS 5) 1980

While we're on the subject of Coventry,we may as well check out other groups from that gray city.
One of the leading lights,and most musically gifted, of the UK DIY cassette underground,were the prolific pop machine that was The Digital Dinosaurs. They had beards(!) and dared to write well crafted and melodious pop songs. Disturbingly they were quite obviously from that 'lost generation who were too young for Hippie,yet too old for Joe 'Woody' Strummer.But like Joe,we will forgive them for that,although Mr Mellor will not be forgiven for being Posh.
These jolly ditties are pervaded throughout with a splash of 'pythonesque' humour,which is the only thing thats dated about this cassette.The songs ,thankfully are classic examples of  British pop songcraft that follows that fine tradition from 'Love Me Do' via Donovan to The Digital Dinosaurs,and still surfaces today. I say Donovan,as he was a great favourite of the Dinosaurs,but they sound not at all like the randy scotch troubadour.A more accurate comparison would have to be The Kinks in their English whimsy phase.Only The Cleaners From Venus beat them in the DIY world for such melodious joy.

1 Army Green 4:47
2 Huh Prologue 1:00
3 Boots 2:55
4 What A Waste 2:42
5 The Man Who Would Not Live 3:08
6 Amy Turtle 2:44
7 Nuclear Nightclub 5:18
8 Pinkie's Flesh Crawled 2:45
9 Batman 2:33
10 Dinosaur Disco 1:35
11 Dreaming In My Sleep 2:31
12 Tumble-Drier Link 1:11
13 Tex Thistle 3:24
14 Superella 4:32
15 Secret Jehovah 1:35
16 The Girl Who Goes On Nine 3:21
17 B66 4BQ 3:11
18 Tones Link 0:19
19 Organs 2:06
20 Hole 2:51



Kzka said...

You're on a roll! I haven't even dug into the Vanity Record stuff and I humbly admit that I didn't know Vanity Records existed.
I'd call myself a crate digger so I guess that's why I'm so impressed...Keep that great music alive!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers Kzka,I'm just happy that you now know that Vanity recs existed. Keep on digging the music and those crates.

TheMouldyMuffin said...

This is amazing - thank you for this!
You don't happen to sell any cassettes and/or know where the best place to buy these sorts of cassettes are, do you?

Also, did you grow up in Leicester?

Jonny Zchivago said...

yes indeed i do sell the odd cassette or two.....the best place to buy/sell is
Indeed, Leicester is where i spent the first 30 odd years of my life and where I inherited an allegiance to Leicester City FC......heady days ahead in that dept!

TheMouldyMuffin said...

Do you have a profile on discogs that I can look at?
And Leicester City FC is where my heart lies - dreaming we can take this season.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I did the math this am, and we need four wins out of eight,even better is 4 wins and a draw,then spurs need 6 wins out of eight to be level. Not gonna happen is it? Our names on that trophy.
Discogs profile? its dieordiy

Anything particular you're lookin for? I can send you a list,it ain't all on discogs y'know.

TheMouldyMuffin said...

Champions league here we come.
I'll check out your discos profile - I've been really enjoying the Proto-Indie and Minoy stuff. Got Plain Wrap Purgatory the other day but I'm definitely planning on expanding. Some original cleaners from venus stuff would be amazing, but not necessary. My Holy Grail would be an original Solid Space cassette or Cabbage IV.

If you do have a list, I'd very much like to take a look.

Jonny Zchivago said...

If Leicester win the league.....ahem.....WHEN Leicester win the league.I may part with my Solid Space tape......but i would consider offers for Cabbage IV,2,and 1. Minoy doesn't command enough money to sell.
I'll knock a list up for you.
Got an e-mail adress?

BabyHugZ said...

Great post! Many thanks!