Saturday, 20 February 2016

Data-Bank-A ‎– "The Citadel" (K.O. City Studio ‎– KO2) 1984

Minimal Synth hits the cheap digital reverb age,and becomes maximal synth instead.Artificial ambience destroyed the spatial claustrophobic simplicity of earlier electronic product.This stuff has been labelled 'Cold Wave' by some record collector geek,and it has some undeniable charm.The dated overuse of reverb,and futurist production gives this a modish generic quality from a dodgy epoch in music making. I imagine major record label bins were crammed full of stuff like this in 1984-5.Your only chance was to release it yourself,which is kinda opposite to the original DIY ethic, where the Record Company bins were full of stuff totally alien to the things the kids were making. So this is DIY by default......but at least it wasn't sullied by those charts.


A1 The Milky Way 4:34
A2 Shapes Of Love 4:47
A3 Echoes Of You 4:28
A4 Signals To Russia 5:14
B1 A Thousand Mondays 4:00
B2 Dead - Weight 5:32
B3 Drug - God 3:56
B4 The Citadel 4:20

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