Monday, 1 February 2016

We Be Echo ‎– "Nothing Left" (Mystery Hearsay ‎– MH 013) 1986

As I have a dearth of We Be Echo tapes,as in 'Nothing Left' one "Ceza Evi". I nicked this off of Wet Dreams(he's nicked a few off me so thats ok then innit?),but there's two tracks missing!.....very poor show.Also sorry about the shite scan,can't find a better one......anyone?
Nonetheless, Kevin Thorne has stuck to his guns in 1986,and reproduced more Old skool Industrial,with a minimal synth edge to counter the swathes of Power Electronics, and boring dogma laden  generic Industrial that followed a strict formula and dress code;just like all the music tribes before and since......its that Hive Mind again kids.
We Be Echo, thankfully, resisted the pressure to follow the swarm, and continued to create the minimal classic Industrial of the Cabaret/TG template from half a decade before.
This is the kind of music I could listen to all day, forget being innovative, sometimes one would like to hear something classic done well. Just like a well painted landscape,there's no point in not doing something just because its been done before. In this case, its a well painted sonic landscape of our 'modern' post-industrial, over informed planet.

A1 You Are Everything
A2 Punish You (Part Two)
A3 Never Mind (Survival Version)
A4 Walkout
A5 Butterfly
A6 The Marksman
A7 Maggot
B1 Anyone But You
B2 She's Gone
B3 Your Face
B4 Whiplash
B5 looking For you
B6 Bogeyman

DOWNLOAD until there's nothing left HERE!


W. said...

Preferable to Cabaret Voltaire, in my opinion. Very listenable. That's for the post.

LWAA said...

Thanks for the compliments!
I just opened a webeecho fb page; if anyone's interested...

Laurent André said...

I only knew the title "Alley Cat" from We Be Echo, on the "Elephant Table" compilation and I'm really happy to discover their work. I'm not disappointed by this "Nothing Left" and I'm really happy to discover that ! I was looking for a long time other titles from this band but I never finded until your blog ! Thanx !

YNOT said...

hoLa fum GNu YaWk!!
'A KNiFe, A FoRk, a boTTLe & a CoRk. . .'

LoRd KNoWs i H8 tu-be ANy-ONe's 'bug-a-boo'. . .
buTT i'd be WiLLiNG t' beT 5 Quid / $10
ThaT ThiS ( ANd SeVeRaL oTheR U/Ls oF ThiS TaPe fum a coupla PSOURCes )
iS more than LikeLy th' LaTeR TaPe fum '86 'PReSSuRe POiNT'. . .
NO 100% CoNCReTe way i can 'NaiL doWN' Th' FuRST 3 TRaX oN ThiS U/L
buTT where i've noted, lyrics are heard
( ALbeiT NoT Too CLeaRLy, LoL, ThiS iS We Be ECho AFTeR-ALL!! )
which PuRTy CLEaRLy support mi TheSiS. . .
mebbe best t' ask KeViN T iF'N he'd jest give a qwik lissen. . .
hoNeSTLy, i'M **NoT** iNNaRReSTed in 'SCoRiNG' th' $10
buTT i jest wanna get this CLaRified. . .

01. You Are Everything
02. Punish You (Part Two)
03. Never Mind (Survival Version)
04. Walk out - aka - LikeLy - ''No Time For Niceties''
05. Butterfly - aka - LikeLy - ''Feedback''
06. Marksman - aka - LikeLy - ''Hurl The Vortex''
07. Maggot = definiTeLy CoRReCT
08. Anyone but you - aka - CoRReCT TiTLe - ''Trying To Live''
09. She's gone - aka - CoRReCT TiTLe - ''Put The Heat On''
10. Your face - aka - CoRReCT TiTLe - ''Be Anything''
11. Whiplash - aka - CoRReCT TiTLe - ''Indestructible Strip Clothing''
12. Looking For The Light / Looking for you - aka - LikeLy - ''All Gone''
13. Bogeyman - aka - LikeLy - ''Pretty Perky''

TheSe AReN'T evn 'NoTed'. . .
NoT oN this, nor oTheR U/Ls PFOUNd 'eLSe-WheRe'
B2 Early On
B8 Nothing Left

bTW. . . i jest ALSo wanna add. . .
'die oR d.i.y.' iS a SeRiOUSLy AMaZiNGLy ToP-NoTCh XLNT bLaaahG, MaaaaN. . .
ONe which i'Ve ReTuRN'd to OVeR & OVeR AGaiN
ANd which i'Ve REaLLy GLEaN'd / LEaRN'd oF MaNy MaNy obSCuRiTaNTaLiST bands
as a 'FaN' oF ANdROids oF MU PSiNCe buying th' ALb @ mad platters in yonkers noo yawk
in jan / feb '81 ( iT was CoLd ThaT day! )
i'Ve learn'd SO MuCh 'bouT that 'FuCk-oFF' / STReeT LeVeL 'SCeNe'
i'd had a few oF Th' rekkids ( NoNe oF Th' TaPes, ThaNk YeW ETeRNaLLy fer providing these gems! )
buTT had LiTTLe idea how iNTeR-CoNNeCT'd ALL oF iT wuz!!
oFTeN-TiMes Th' GREaT GRaNuLaR 'mise en scene' diReCT fum th' PaRTies / PaRTiCiPaNTs
ANd th' ANeCdoTes REaLLy heLP t' CoLouR Th' PaLeTTe / PhiL-iN Th' PiCTuRe. . .
ANd that's ALSo why i'd like t' add to this 'HiGh QUaL' oF ACCuRaCy. . .

WeLL TaTa phur NoW. . .
YNoT? ( ToNy fuM NY )

Anonymous said...

I was coming back here to note that the track listings are not correct - the comment above seems right -