Monday, 8 February 2016

Stress ‎– "Restraint" (Adventures In Reality Recordings ‎– ARR 010) 1984

Stress's next tape after their incredibly watery debut,was 'Restraint'.Which is ironic,because their sound before 1984 showed considerable restraint; especially vocally. There is a marked inprovement on this one.The vocals are marginally more confident,and the music marginally harder. Moving more towards the Belgian end of the minimal synth world rather than the camp English androgyny set. You could probably dance to some of this?


A1 Engrave The Name
A2 Nothing New
A3 Raga
A4 Hide From View
A5 I Go To Pieces
A6 Semi-D Prison
B1 Down Through The Years
B2 Freespeak
B3 Enigma
B4 Rule Of Force
B5 The Pulse Thickens
B6 4th Dimension

DOWNLOAD without restraint or stress HERE!

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