Monday, 29 February 2016

Tone Set - " VOD Box Set Promo's" (2015)

The very good theoretical combo from Arizona.Tone Set, have a box set thats just come out on Vinyl on Demand. Galen Herod, of said minimal synth legends, has kindly sent some rather entertaining promotional tracks to,hopefully, encourage you to purchase the aforementioned potential material possession.Which,if you're bourgeois enough,will cost you just a small percentage of your swollen wallet.But; if you're at the sharp end of the austerity measures from those fucking wankstains who call themselves politicians,then it will be unattainable....but these lovely Promo's are an example of that rare adjective in these grey days...FREE STUFF!
I'll let the great man, Mr Galen Herod himself, explain further in an e-mail i cut'n'pasted hither:

"hello again,
you (thats me.JZ) posted a bootleg tone set cd a few years back,
The only problem being it was a bad transfer. No bass.
vinyl on demand is reissuing the stuff on that cd as
well as 62 previously unreleased tracks in a 5LP box with bonus single.
We made new good transfers of everything.
i have made 3 promos for the box. The first is an overview featuring "cal's ranch"
so you can hear the quality difference. The other 2 feature the unreleased tracks.
They are done in tone set style with inbetween found clips."


the saucer people said...

Hey JZ, hope you are well - its been a while since I last visited the land of DIE or DIY and I look forward to checking out the last few months of (no doubt) the weirdest, the wildest ,and most erm...wonderful-ist music to be found in the musical blogging universe.

What caught my attention immediately was seeing the words 'Vinyl-on-Demand' and 'free promotional items' in the same post - like a just and equitable society, it is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime - a moment of glasnost and perestroika in the VoD empire? True weirdness indeed.

I must admit, I have been drooling over the thought of hearing this (I think it was Mutant Sounds who posted a rip of Cal's Ranch ages ago and obviously you posted a rip of the Calibrate release) - even more so after hearing the MP3s segments - these guys were so far ahead of the game, that it almost goes without saying they would have to wait thirty plus years for a wider audience to emerge, one that could really appreciate their music (which is why it is such a shame that the VoD release is beyond the financial reach of many of us).

Hopefully a CD or some digital downloads will emerge in the future as I would love to hear the earlier material especially 'The Alternate Cal's Ranch' - though equally, I'm intrigued they released something called 'Masters of Funk', presumably a later release...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't think for one minute that these promo's were provided by my mate Frank of VOD...these come from Tone Set themselves. Vod would rather sell his own mutter than give anything away for free!
These promos are digital remasters at least,no crackles.
Fine stufff.