Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Sea Of Wires ‎– "Recordings 1980-82" ( Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD131.9/10) 1980-82 / 2014

As we've established in the previous post that Another view weren't from Coventry after all;here's an electronic act who were; The Sea Of Wires. Sounds pretty much like my music office here at Die Or Diy HQ.
There seems to be a few electronic bands from this west Midlands eyesore? I blame it on Tangerine Dreams much lauded gig at Coventry Cathedral in 1975, one of the better modernist buildings in the town. Ironic that a German group played there when it was their parents generation who flattened the original cathedral;the ruins of which are right next door as a reminder.
Sea Of Wires are obviously a very TD or electronic krautrock influenced combo,and ,probably as a belated sorry for destroying their city, a German reissue label has ..coff.....reissued SOW's back catalogue; although with a few tracks missing,but as usual you can find those on this blog.....HERE.
These versions are naturally of superior quality to the cassette tapes,so I have posted these for you to contrast and compare.....personally I prefer the tape versions.
An analogue bubble bath that compares favorably with a hit of morphine.


Individually Screened

1 – Invincible 7:15
2 – Is The New Man Human 8:30
3 – Return Of The Captain 2:15
4 – Robot Dance 2:19
5 – Breathing 8:30
6 – An Endless Rainy Day 16:15
7 – Seascape 12:10


8  – The Man Who Smiles 3:50
9  – S.O.W. (The Sea Of Wire) 5:50
10 – New Age (With Apologies To You Know Who) 5:40
11 – It Will Never Work 3:00
12 – The Nightmare Continues Edit To 3:00

Beyond The Edge Of Tomorrow

13 – Recollections Of Death 29:54

DOWNLOAD a sea of zero's and ones HERE!


Chris Sessions said...

You turned me onto these guys several years back. Looking forward to this one. Thanks so much Jonny. You're amazing!

pinkpressthreat said...

Absolutely brilliant - thanks Jonny. Same goes for the 'Another View' cassette.