Friday, 24 December 2021

Seesselberg – "Synthetik 1" (Seesselberg Self-released)

 Oh Christ!.....this is on the Nurse With Wound List...Groan! It's one of those self-released German Electronic avant-garde albums,but this time without structure.This has more in common with the Early electronics of the fifties and sixties than Tangerine Dream or any of the tuneful Kosmiche Kraut musiks of the 1970's. Yeah that's right it gets on your tits....but don't show it or your 'I'm weird I am' cred will lose half a star. 
We're always being judged these days,whether its as a Host on Air B'n'B,or a struggling craftsman on Etsy, (like moi!),or, be it by your Weird mates, who obsess over the ultimate in binaural trainspotting, The fucking Nurse With Wound List. If you don't dig this then you're out of the klub.
This could have easily been the soundtrack to "The Andromeda Strain 2" when Sylvester Stallone, as Rambo, napalms the shit out of that mother fucking virus from outer space, annihilating at the same time half of China and Russia...the new, but old, communism. Goddam Atheists!
This album is of that ilk where the creatures higher up the evolutionary ladder,humans, try to sound like a couple of chimps let lose on a bunch of synthesizers,and is recorded,packaged and sold back to the higher apes who think they are intellectually superior to most everyone.....even chimps. Humans are rather arrogant creatures,who think that they have been chosen by an even higher being to receive eternal life!? The lower apes would never waste their time on such a concept.The answer to life is have a good time....allll the time (Viv Savage, Spinal Tap). So does this mean that the highest form of music is actually Hair Metal, and not random oscillator manipulation that considers itself from a loftier perch on the art chart than Motley Crue? Surely not?
Chimps show little or no interest in either medium.
Does that make me a chimp, or did anyone spot my thinly disguised overtures to Nurse With Wounds fans? Please let me join your Klub!
Did that sound suitably desperate?


A1 Ouvertüre - "Jeder Ist Heutzutage Glücklich" - If Someone Survives, We Will Have A Return - Match. (Konditionsmusik - 1972) 3:41
A2 Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia (Die 200jahrfeier Findet Nicht Statt - Kondominatsmusik - 1973) 1:02
A3 Verhütungsfreudenwalzer (Kontinenzmusik Für Eine Akademie 1973) 1:27
A4 Speedy Achmed (Verhaltensanweisung 1973) 3:46
A5 Studentenzucker - "Tue Gern, Was Du Tun Mußt!" (Konfektionsmusik 1973) 0:36
A6 "Die Menschen Sind Glücklich, Sie Kriegen, Was Sie Begehren, Und Begehren Nichts, Was Sie Nicht Kriegen Können - Laubsägebastler, Briefmarkensammler Und Brieftaubenzüchter Bilden Das Rückgrat Der Menschheit" (Kondolenzmusik 1973) 10:42
B1 Phönix - 1972 (Filmmusik Zum Film "Phönix" von W.-J. Seesselberg) 10:14
B2 "Was Dir Heute Freude Macht, Das Verschieb Nicht Über Nacht!" (Kondensmusik Aus Einem Konzert Im Gallery-House London - 1973) 4:16
B3 Auszug Aus Einem Konzert In Der Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle 1971


parmalee said...

OK, in Battleship Potemkin, is the Lady with Pince-nez actually a nurse? Where did they (or Stapleton, probably) get that idea? Anyways, on reviewing the NWW list, I realized that I've not checked out 60 to 70 percent of the "artists" listed--to this day! Given the ready availability of virtually all listed these days, it likely means I never shall. When did I give up? Why did I give up?

parmalee said...
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northfieldhat said...

I was curious about this when it came out. Saw it at Odyssey Records in
Phoenix, Arizona. The title "Speedy Achmed" intrigued me and my friends.

parmalee said...

@northfieldhat: Goddamn! Odyssey Records, IIRC, preceded Zia Records (same owner) by some years and was a bit before my time. I grew up in Phoenix (unfortunately) in the 80's and spent many an evening trawling Zia, Tracks in Wax, Eastside and a handful of other record shops scattered throughout Phoenix and Tempe. For such a crap city, Phoenix had amazing records stores--and almost everything was like $1.99! Crazy! Even a couple of the big chain Tower Records were freakin amazing because they had import buyers who inclined towards the weird. Every couple of years or so I still have dreams (actual dreams) about stumbling upon some amazing find in a dumpy old Phoenix record shop.

FlaccusMUC said...

Your wonderful introduction almost made me listen to this. But I couldn't help but being put off by the song titles. My native language is able to produce wonderful compound words, but Verhütungsfreudenwaltzer (Joys of Contraception Waltz) is certainly not one of them. Merry Christmas and many thanks for your good work!

Unknown said...

You are missing out if you don;t give this a listen. This is one of those great electronic indie records few people know about.