Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Cainus" (Marquis Tapes ‎– MART 001) 1979

Cainus?....can only think this is a biblical reference to Adam and Eve's son Cain? Who was such a naughty boy that he was exiled to the 'Land of Nod' by none-other  than 'God' himself,after murdering his brother Abel. Leaving no other male contributor to the gene pool in Eden than Adam.
Whoopeee, does this mean I can go bible bashing again!?...OK here goes.......
The fact that there was a rival land,apparently populated by rival humans as well(?), to the garden of Eden on early biblical Earth, which some dumbass cleric (Archbishop Ussher?) worked out was created on....wait for it..... Sunday 23rd of October 4004 BC at 2pm in the afternoon!!!?.....means that there were already plenty of lifeforms around before God bothered to plonk Adam, alone, in a garden.At what point he did this deed after the six days he took to make the Earth,or was it the universe(?), isn't clear.
Ahhhh,but lickle Adam was lonely. So God ripped out one of Adam's Ribs and carved it into 'Woman' and they were straight at it and had two kids.....Cain and Abel........believable yes?.......millions of so-called intelligent Humans base their entire lives on every punctuation mark that appears in this medieval English literature classic.....although nowadays its wouldn't find a publisher purely for the hundreds of bizarre continuity errors that are strewn carelessly throughout this over lengthy tome. It makes 'Naked Lunch' seem logical in comparison,and probably a more valid and moral religious guidebook too!?
So Cain was exiled to the Land of Nod, which was(don't know why i'm referring to this stuff as 'facts'?)  east of Eden,and beyond  God's influence!!!!???.....this is getting better!?.......Cain was accompanied by his wife!!!!!???? there were other women in Eden too, who apparently were not related to mankinds primary parents? And what was 'west' of Eden I'd like to know? And who created the people of Nod if God had no influence there? Did Cain need a visa? 
I'm so full of questions aren't I?.....unlike our religious buddies who accept any old nonsense as much as we(Atheists/Agnostics) all accept 'Alternative Facts'on Facebook as the literal undeniable truth.
And So endeth my Sunday Sermon.

I'm sure you know what the music sounds like on this cassette? That's right the same as in all the other hundred plus releases that M.Bianchi has shitted out since 1979. Good shit though.


A1 Crime Uberall
A2 The Skeleton
A3 Paranoia
B1 Blood And Pleasure
B2 Cainus
B3 Black Heat / My Last Day
B4 Dans L'Obscurite'...

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