Monday, 8 January 2018

Maurizio Bianchi (MB) ‎– "Mectpyo-Blut" (Maurizio Bianchi Self-released C-90) 1980

Oh what a surprise! We're back on the old Operation Reinhard Chic modus operandi  again, whoopee!
It's all laughs in the Bianchi household.
If only the orchestra at Belzec played music like this then everyone would have been jogging to the 'alleged' gas chamber.
No, jests. If i'd have been an incarcerated Gypsy or Jehova's Witness, I would have had to have stopped my forced labour,and risked execution, to take in the wonderful fried circuitary sound of our captors Italian allies representative, Mr Bianchi. Whom, also allegedly, is absolutely NOT a Nazi.......nor am I by the way.......but maybe you are?
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A1 Maidanek Bakterium
A2 Musique Belzec
B1 Mutant Brain
B2 Mord Bahnhof


Avant Garble Mixtapes said...

Sieg hello Jonny ☻ care for any blood libel today? its a nice one i hear. be a shame to waste all this sunshine on the dummy machines. oi. it's okay my great grandfather was a jew. an irish jew. he didnt stick around long though. he was a golem. yeah. how are you?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sieg hello yourself.
I don't think i have that certain ratio of jewish blood that you undoubtedly have,but I look likei do....I put that down to my alleged Spanish roots from the 16th century when the survivors of the crushed armada escaped to Ireland.So maybe one of my ancestors ran into your Jewish Mick Great Grandfather, and he shagged her or him, and now we're related......which everyone is anyway if you go back far enough.