Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Trial By Ordeal" (Broken Flag ‎– BF 31) 1983

Trial by Ordeal was the preferred method of finding out if that old hag from the shitty end of the village really was a witch. If she survived being held underwater for an inordinate length of time she was obviously a Witch and would therefore have to be burnt at the Stake...which apparently witches could not survive.
This tape is something similar, and if you survive sixty minutes of MORE Industrial sameness then you should probably self-immolate yourself before the Witchfinder general,or the Police, ring your novelty doorbell.
That said, probably the best way to listen to Industrial Noise is in the form of a compilation.Even in the Industrial corner that many acts have painted themselves into, there are subtly different shades of conformity available.Luckily we have Giancarlos Toniutti to provide some pretentious avant garde noise in between the balls to the wall stuff from fellow I-tie  Mauthausen Orchestra and Whitehouse copyists Ramleh. The other Italian act on the list LXSS (or Laxative Souls), also provide some welcome respite with some gentle echo laden Industrial Percussion. 
So, all-in-all, as Industrial comps go,this is a less dull one. 


A1 –Giancarlo Toniutti - Some Fibres 5:55
A2 –Ramleh - Emaciator [1982] 3:58
A3 –This Body I Mutilate - Carnal Direction 1:10
A4 –Depilate - Corps Assault 3:06
A5 –Mauthausen Orchestra - Bloodyminded 5:58
A6 –Thee Un-Kommuniti - Live 30-11-83 8:13
B1 –Assailer - Annihilation 8:57
B2 –Giancarlo Toniutti - Neocortex 3:39
B3 –LXSS - U.I.K. [Pt.1] 5:31
B4 –The New Blockaders - Live 12-10-1983 2:16
B5 –Thee Un-Kommuniti - Spurt White/Cut Black 4:58


RSTVMO said...

is #2 Ramleh missing in the download?

Jonny Zchivago said...

i dunno what happened there?.....nevertheless you can find that track here:

saves me re-upping it doesn't it?

Jonny Zchivago said...

ps its on here too: