Thursday, 25 January 2018

The New Sadism ‎– "Urge To Kill" (Aquilifer Sodality ‎– 1AE 09009) 1983

For this exploration of extreme sex and violence as sonic paint stripper, I have decided to use the cover art from a later re-release on "Strength Through Joy" (would you believe it,a Nazi reference again?!), as the original cover was kind of a schoolboy misogynistic way.....rather than just offensive. I've personally no problem with anything offensive,in fact positively encourage it, but I'm not risking an angry mob of aggressive,so-called, 'feminists' stalking my cyber footprints unless I can help it in these last days of the 'Male'.Just by typing this I'm risking being labelled a Misogynist Neanderthal Pervert.....mainly because I'm male with the misfortune to find females attractive; thanks in no small measure to naturally occurring Testosterone.
Having said that I do Not condone the behaviour depicted on the original Aquilifer Sodality release, or the subject matter frequently used by most Industrial artists to confront these issues head on.
Power Electronics' motives can be explained in a couple of ways.Either as a sonic mirror reflecting all of lifes horror back at us so we can confront ourselves, or, as a way of breaking through the Taboo's of the social construct we are trapped inside.The objective being 'freedom'.


Side A
Side B

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Anonymous said...

Taboo's? C'mon J, you're better than these pedestrian punctuation errors. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing.

- Grammar Nazi

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry,for breaking the taboo of punctuation.In future I shall restrain from inappropriate apostrophe's.....whoops!