Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Venus" (Marquis Tapes) ‎– MART 002)1979

Now we've established that Bianchi made these recordings in his bedroom at his parents house,and that his mother dressed him.One wonders if she ever listened in to what her spoiled child was doing with his cassette recorders? And what would she have said if she had a snidey look at his track titles while he was out looking for friends? 
Almost certainly it would have been a 'Catholic' household,which would explain the borderline Nazi imagery he over-used on later releases; so even the notion of kissing open-mouthed outside of wedlock would have caused major consternation in the Bianchi household.He's a VERY naughty boy indeed!Which i'm sure his new scantily clad friends at the local massage parlour told him regularly between beatings.....probably delivered both ways.
So, I've been informed,he is now a full-time Jehovah's Witness,which also figures because Hitler had a weird respect for this cult, and the way they settled in enthusiastically to their roles as prisoners in the extermination/concentration camps during those jolly old final solution years.No fuss was given, as its all in God's secret plan.......of course it never occurred to them that their skewed interpretation of some tenuous instructions from an invisible and inaudible deity might possibly have been wrong?.....oh no!?
As for Venus,the goddess of 'Love'? Being Roman she would have been well up for the most perverted and sickening forms of sexual expression ever thought up in the cruel mind of man. Therefore, Venus is a very appropriate deity for the common themes of Industrial music ,even if it is made in the bedroom of an adult child.
At first I thought the title was another stab at Genesis P-Orridge because 'Venus' rhymes with 'Penis', which the great GP-O obviously is.It could also apply to Gene Pitney* too,but he's dead, so leave him alone.
Ahhhh...'The Music'??? Forgot about that!
Well,it sounds like Test Department playing in The Titanic after it sank(Which wouldn't be a bad idea?).A sound quality I am very fond of. 

*(see the 'Gene-P' post previously)


A1 La Cartilage Palpitant
A2 Venus
B1 Chains & Whips
B2 Numb Creature
B3 Mutant-Sex
B4 Abortion Size


Charon Badmann said...

I don't wanna defend Bianchi's choice of religion (they're all unacceptable to me), nor the murky contents of this tape, but... far as I know MB sent his tapes to W. Bennett who released them as SS Leibstandarte MB with various Goebbels/Himmler soundbites mixed in. Bianchi was reportedly not pleased. But maybe that's just heresay.

Anonymous said...

That’s some messed up thinking.

W. said...

Great post - I never knew that about the JW's - how fantastically stupid of them (although, annoyingly, they might have suffered less because of it).

M-7 said...

OK these are interesting. How did you get the inside info on him?
Did you know him or people that worked with him? Just wondering..

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well..the 'Inside' info came from a comment left on the previous "Cease To exist" post, which in these daze of Fake News I have taken as gospel truth. The bit that states he is dressed by his mother seems entirely fictional,but looking at his dress sense is not entirely beyond reason.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I believe W.Bennett did Nazi speech thing over a couple of MB's recordings.....not very subtle,and obviously not something Bianchi would have done I think its true.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Jehova Witnesses are by their very name obviously as Thick as two short planks;but Hitler admired their discipline.....then again, Adolf admired those Muslim chaps too....Nazi's and Muslims have a lot in common in their mutual hatred of Jews, Gays, and in a fondness for wearing Black and capital punishement.

Henk Madrotter said...

Not to mention a shared love for yelling....