Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– "Conflict" (Aquilifer Sodality ‎– 1AE02002) 1983

Staying in the Italian Industrial belt, here we have the extreme end of this particularly noisy spectrum with, the now very dead, Pierpaulo Zoppo's Mauthausen Orchestra project.
We are definitely entering the 'Power Electronics' zone of Industrial music here, Italy's Whitehouse compared to Maurizio Bianchi's Old School Throbbing Gristle variety.
At least he named himself after a forced Labour camp rather than one of the alleged 'Extermination'camps, so he's not allying himself with the more extreme end of Nazi politics; probably more out of ignorance rather than consciously.
The music,if thats what you want to call it, is the,now, well-trodden path of napalm intense sand blasting noise that could dissolve your ears if your amplifier could ever go up to eleven.
A true innovator.
(More Mauthausen Orchestra HERE!


Side A : (29:38)
Side B : (28:52)

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