Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Sacher-Pelz ‎– "Cease To Exist" (Marquis Tapes ‎– MART 003) 1979

Maurizio Bianchi, called himself Sacher-Pelz before transforming himself into the search engine nightmare that is 'MB'.
The title of this cassette suggests a liking for a bit of Throbbing Gristle,and the music suggests a distinct Boyd Rice and 'NON' influence.So expect some harshly manicured noise,terminally repetitive loops, and some attention span testing turntable abuse. All aimed to remind us all of how 'decadent' we are by making us listen to our favorite machines screaming for help....yeah, its all so clear to me now,thanks Maurizio for saving me. He must have been bullied at school.


A1 Helter Skelter
A2 In Dem Tod-tal
A3 Massacre On Cielo D.
A4 Sang Mon Amour
B1 Satan Slaves
B2 Exterminans
B3 Cease To Exist

DOWNLOAD to continue it's existence HERE!


Anonymous said...

The title of the cassette and the first track suggest rather more a fascination with Charles Manson, surely!

Amazing blog, by the way...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Which he surely borrowed from obvious influence TG.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Could you put up Subliminal Alienation by Patrik Fitzgerald and Live In Norway 1984 & 2006 (if you have them). Great blog by the way, loving the music!