Sunday, 31 January 2016

Third Door From The Left - "Live 001 / Live 002" (Cause For Concern ‎– CFC 003) 1982

Duo comprising of Raye Caluori & Kevin Thorne(Of We Be Echo fame), who met at the Throbbing Gristle performance at the YMCA, London on August 3rd 1979.......that's the factual crap out of the way!
The preceding cassette ("Face The Firing Squad") was more or less a photostat of pre-1981 Cabaret Voltaire,as will be the first 'We Be Echo' releases; but, remarkably this double live album is more of a TG/CV hybrid,and is all the better for it. The Three Mantra's Riff makes an unwelcome appearance on track one ,but it is thankfully submerged underneath a Doppler effect of swooshing noise.In the studio this would have been mixed below the beats and the plagiarized bass line; this is the advantage Live recordings have,allowing the uncontrolled sound to assume its own form.
Basically,this one allows Third door From the Left to have their own identity;which in a world where every town and the populous within them are slowly becoming identical, is something to be celebrated.


B1Eat The Baby
B2The Plague
B3Turn Me Off
B4Mission To Kill
B5The Voice Of God

DOWNLOAD TG's and CV's aborted love child HERE!