Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Wireless Sight ‎– "Endless Dark Dream" (Vanity Records ‎– VAT5) 1981

Who or what Wireless Sight were or are, remains lost in the mists of this depressing foggy cassette.
Its the soundtrack to a sleeping old woman sitting in a chair in a quiet room.Only a ticking clock for company,waiting to die.
The Ticking clock is represented by......erm......a ticking clock! The loneliness, by an aimlessly played maltuned upright piano; maybe this should have been called 'Aimless Sight'? Nevertheless, it does seem endless, until it ends.....eventually.
It reminds one of the awkward silence one only finds in a Dentist's waiting room; which brings to mind a second alternative title for this lo-budget Eno facsimile,- "Music for Dentist's waiting Rooms"? Put this on in a Hospice and time how long it is before someone with Non-Hodgkinson's Lymphoma ,or their relative, smashes your compact disc player.
Wrist-slashing stuff,in the wrong sense of wrist-slashing.
That fucking ticking clock reminds one constantly of your approaching funeral,each tick of this cassette is one second that you'll never get back; in fact one thousand nine hundred and seventy seconds you ain't gonna get back.BEWARE!


AAutomatic Funny Sight (16.32)
BEndless Dark Dream (16.18)

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Thanks for the loads of Vanity!

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