Sunday, 17 January 2016

Die Krupps ‎– "6 Jun 1981 At Krefeld Haus Blumenthal" (Vanity Records ‎– vanity 8104, 7"Flexi promo) 1981

Vanity also has their/his serial number on a plethora of promo Flexi Discs that came with the boss's (Yozuru Agi) "Rock Magazine". These are as rare as a Tory/Neo Con I don't want to kick seven shades of Shite out of.
This one features German Industrial/EBM old skoolers ,Die Krupps, named after another jolly German industrial giant who used slave labour during WW2. I suppose we can't critise them too much,what they did was legal in their country,and bastards like McDonalds still do it today,as it is still legal;coupled with the slow murder of generations of children with their provably poisonous unhappy meals.There should be an industrial group called Die McDonalds Die really,but it doesn't sound as good as Die Krupps.
Die Krupps, nowadays, are an incredibly awful Metal group, but back in 1980 they were good, so don't be put off. This Flexi disc captures 6 minutes of their very non-metal early live sound.

DOWNLOAD this celebration of slave labour HERE!

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