Monday, 11 January 2016

Nishimura Alimoti ‎– "Shibou" (Vanity Records ‎– VAT6) 1981

As usual, I know Fuck all about Mr Alimoti,and I'd prefer it to remain that way.Mystery is an under-rated and increasingly rare commodity in today's overexposed planet, overdosed on information, both incorrect and partially false.The only truth available is the blank spaces from the past which we can fill in ourselves (DIY?) with that other under-rated,and again, sadly rare, process, 'Imagination'.
When I imagine Nishimura Alimoti recording this shadowy, rumbling, post punk shytsterpiece; I see a a monochrome vision of a small sparingly furnished room in a high rise apartment block in the most unfashionable area of Osaka, with a twenty something (Japanese) male sitting at a table covered with recently acquired second hand musical gear.Hunched over a crap guitar,overdubbing to some bass and drums he'd recorded earlier; all in one take.
And that's what this sounds like, bedsit land pop from the twilight zone. Don't walk towards the light, its shit out there!


A2Hyojyo No Uta
A4Lock And Role
B1Yasai Ga Kirai
B2Ninshiki Yoso
B3Moeagaru Chukinto
B4Nakayubi Tomare
B5Reito Shokki
B6Tori Ga Tonda Rarara

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