Sunday, 3 January 2016

Normal Brain ‎– "Lady Maid" (Vanity Records ‎– vanity 0009) 1981

Normal (Brain) service has been resumed, after that admittedly wonderful new years day post, we return to some Japanese nascent electronica,by Normal Brain,on the cult label, Vanity Records.
Apparently this features on that trainspotters guide to alternative music the "Nurse With Wound List". Hiding amongst the awful eastern European bargain bin prog rock, anglo-american psychedelic rock copyists from Switzerland, and dull as fuck third rate kosmiche from former Czechoslovakia; we find this proto-electronica-glitch classic that could easily have been made today, or at least released on Warp records around 1995. A very post-rave vibe permeates the Speak and Spell machines, misspelling 'Music' for our delight. Definitely one of the bright spots on that nerdy list,along with PiL,Glaxo Babies,Homosexuals,Cabaret Voltaire and a few other surprise inclusions.I'd sooner listen to this than some twenty minute bland -out from another third rate Agitation Free-alike.(I am of course being rather harsh,purely for entertainment purposes naturally)
Basically,this record is rather good indeed.


A2Frottage "One Way"
A3You Are Busy, I Am Easy
A5Frottage "SW"

DOWNLOAD a normal brain at last HERE!

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