Thursday, 14 January 2016

Dada ‎– "Jyo" (Vanity Records ‎– vanity 0001) 1978

Vanity Records' first release is from their prog hangover period, before the New Wave had hit Japan. A bit like Virgin Records before 1977.
This Mike Oldfield meets Brian Eno epic, sits comfortably alongside this labels other prog epic by SAB,but seems from another universe in comparison to the post-punk stuff from a year or so later, or the minimal electronic cassettes from 1980/1. One for post-Syd Pink Floyd Fans.


A1Yuuen • Inraku • Gaki
B2Seijyo-No-Chi. Mizu



Alan Burns said...

just catching up on this one and the SAB album. many thanks, both are fantastic!

david lz said...

Well Jonny, you've done it again - Another band I'd never heard of before but now need to track down everything they recorded. You're costing me a bloody fortune, keep it up!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry about that David....look at it this could be giving your money to the government,or worse, to Starbucks.
Good luck in tracking down more by Dada.

Fernando said...


coming here from Bleak Bliss blog looking for, vanity of vanities!, some more Vanity, hehe. Thanks for this one and the SAB album too! Nice blog you have here Mr. Zchivago, I think I'll be digging deeper and deeper for a while ;)