Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Completists guide to the best of rest Of Vanity Records (1978-1981)

BGM-"Background Music" 1980

Agata Morio - "Norimono Zukan" 1980

Tolerance - "Divin" 1981

Tolerance - " Anonym" (1979)

Aunt Sally - "Aunt Sally" (1979)
As the rest of the classic releases on this wonderful Japanese record label were posted on the equally wonderful non-japanese "Bleak Bliss" blog; I have provided convenient linkages to said quality obscure noise vessel above. Especially excellent is the post-punk classic "Background Music" by BGM; good enough to rival The Glaxo Babies,ESG, and Gang of Four for post-punk-funk perfection.
Check the descriptons on Bleak Bliss for further infotainment.


Music Jones said...

Love the blog! Have you got the Vanity Records 'Music' Double LP from 1981? Been looking for it all over to no avail!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi mr Jones,
Not got it!....have you tried Bleak Bliss blog.they have everything by Vanity, except the flexi's. Ask 'em.

Music Jones said...

Please, call me Music. Thanks - i will go over there and have a browse.

Fernando said...

...some more completism: the Hoburakin (aka Hovlakin) and System flexis, vanity 2006 and vanity 8102, are missing in the combined BleakBliss/DoD collections. Luckily I found them in the tube. They can be easily found there adding the word 'Vanity' to the band names and in the second case you need to add also "Love song" (otherwise, there's millions of 'systems' around, even with 'vanity' sticked to them :D)


Fernando :)