Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Kiilo Radical ‎– "Denki Noise Dance" ( Vanity Records ‎– VAT2) 1981

This cassette is a weird ,muffled,glitchy affair,that dips its toes deeply into circuit bending electronic noises that are as pleasurable as popping bubble wrap; well, maybe not that pleasurable,but satisfying in a fuzzy lo-fi kind of way. The transistor frying sounds are backed up by repetitive pink noisy beats to keep the casual listener involved, so its not all dry joints and cheaply manufactured resistors; you could dance(?) to it......if you are that way inclined.I can certainly see Metal Micky's castors sliding around to this. Thankfully i'm NOT Metal Micky,or have to watch that new low in seventies childrens telly; but i would listen to this obscure cassette while I'm making me sandwiches.
(You know what, I dunno what I'd do without popular trash culture references from the arse end of the twentieth century?)


1. Denki Noise Dance 1 (4.21)
2. Denki Noise Dance 2 (2.13)
3. Denki Noise Dance 3 (2.35)
4. Denki Noise Dance 4 (2.57)
5. Denki Noise Dance 5 (3.31)
6. Denki Noise Dance 6 (0.23)
7. Denki Noise Dance 7 (2.20)
8. Denki Noise Dance 8 (2.19)
9. Denki Noise Dance 9 (23.02)

DOWNLOAD and do the denki noise dance HERE!


Vaykorus said...

Hi, download link?

snoopy said...

No download link :(

bruno said...

There is no link!
Thanks in advance for relinking.

Jonny Zchivago said...

sorry, must have forgot. Link now attached.

gog magog said...

the link is fucked up. it downloads but when i extract it it gives errors. only the first 3 tracks are extracted. those 3 tracks are great. can you fix it so i can hear the rest? ive tried it twice with no luck.

enobrenbmugtem said...

Thank you for sharing. But the file is broken.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh Fuck It!....sorry about this,normal service will be resumed in approx one hour.

Vaykorus said...

Thanks Jonny!

Jonny Zchivago said...

File now reupped to Mediafire as of NOW!....hopefully this works.

Chris Sessions said...

All fixed! Thanks Jonny. You're off to such a great start for 2016. Thanks so much. Appreciate it mate!

Jonny Zchivago said...

At LAST! Cheers for the info Chris, i'll try and keep the quality up for the rest of the year.