Saturday, 30 January 2016

Third Door From The Left ‎– "Face The Firing Squad" (Chamber Music ‎– CM001) 1981

In the mid-seventies, kids in america bemoaned the fact that Led Zeppelin weren't around often enough for we got Aerosmith, who keenly filled that abyss for these simple youths. Inexplicably, Aerosmith escaped being sent to the Hague ,and lesser criminals like Radovan Karadzic did!?
In the early Eighties, Cabaret Voltaire were evolving from their near-perfect proto-industrial sound,to the less effective 'Red Mecca' sound,then afterwards degenerate into some dodgy disco unit.
To fill this aching void we got "Third Door From The Left",who sound Voltaire? 
This tape is their version of a ,less funky, "Voice Of America" era Cabs,and is a fine, if generic, listen.
That is definitely CV's drum machine on track one,i'd recognise it anywhere! I understand there was some co-operation from those fun loving Sheffield dwelling chaps somewhere along the line.
Kevin Thorne of TDOTL,became the equally Cab-alike project 'We Be Echo' after this.


A1Under Attack
A4Tear My Heart Out
A5In The Room
A6The Party
B1Jack/MIssion To Kill
B3Erik Dorf's Diary
B4It's Not Us
B5People Like You

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fks said...

Thank you so much!

LWAA said...

yeah, Mal sent me a cassette with some of their drum machine sounds on and we used a couple of the album. Distinctive sound.