Thursday, 3 June 2021

The Young Tradition – "Galleries" (Transatlantic Records – TRA 172) 1968

 As the cover artwork gets more Psychedelic ,the Young Tradition are subtly getting more desperate for commercial success.Even with Dave Swarbrick and Dolly Collins to sprinkle some fairy dust and provide some much needed instrumentation to their renditions, it weren't never gonna happen .
Neither the magic,or tragic, touch,of Sandy Denny, who makes an uncredited appearance playing piano on track 16, is enough to propel these 'Youngsters' into the lower reaches of the hit parade.
Teen appeal aside,the Tradition still manage to maintain the admirable quality of material to belt out,made all the more palatable thanks to a smattering of minimal instrumentation. They were soon to put the paisley shirts into mothballs for good,and Peter Bellamy to  continue his fledgling solo career,but not after upping their cred with Shirley and Dolly Collins.Peter would ,however, be spotted wearing even more ridiculous clothes in the coming years....and why not? Only his suicide would save us from greater fashion faux pas's;but at least we were also spared from any possibility of 'Bellamy died for you' T-Shirts.


A1 Intro: Ductia 0:58
A2 The Barley Straw 2:15
A3 What If A Day 2:13
A4 The Loyal Lover 1:15
A5 Entracte: Stones In My Passway 1:00
A6 Idumea 2:07
A7 The Husbandman And The Serving Man 1:43
A8 The Rolling Of The Stones 0:54
A9 The Bitter Withy 2:18
A10 The Banks Of The Nile 2:09
B1 Wondrous Love 2:46
B2 Mediaeval Mystery Tour 2:14
B3 Divertissement: Upon The Bough 0:30
B4 Ratcliff Highway 1:56
B5 The Brisk Young Widow 1:43
B6 Interlude: The Pembroke Unique Ensemble 1:01
B7 John Barleycorn 2:24
B8 The Agincourt Carol 4:38

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