Thursday 10 June 2021

Rudimentary Peni - "Death Church Demo's" (Bootleg) 1983

This stands up there alongside those Don Van Vliet-less field recordings of the Trout Mask Replica songs that emerged at the arse end of the nineties.Then we could all play at being Captain Beefheart,and even add some soprano sax or Blues Harp if you felt like it. I always wanted to be The Mascara Snake personally,but having no Bass Clarinet to speak of, I had to make do with doing my impression of Don doing an impression of Howlin' Wolf.
But, now we can be Nick Blinko for half an hour and scream along, word perfect with the Blinko-less backing tracks for Death Church, great for a short car journey.......sing-a-long-a-Peni?
You could even play along with the guitar parts if you are sad enough? But absolutely NOT, I may add, whilst driving!!! You could end up more than a 1/4 dead with that particular brand of Punk idiocy!
Rudi-P are becoming as mythological as the Magic Band and Leader as each day passes. These tunes are certainly more Fast and Bulbous than most things that emerged from the Anarcho-Punk scene;and to think I once thought that the Peni were just another throw away UK82 anarcho-hardcore band.Judging Death Church by its great cover,I purchased and discovered something rather unique and wonderful.....and Now, I can sing-a-long-a-Blinko in my worship at the Death Church altar!?

1: 1/4 Dead
2: Blissful Myth 
3: The Psycho Squat / Rotten To The Core 
4: Poppycock 
5: Cosmic Hearse / The Cloud Song 
6: Vampire State Building 
7: Blasphemy Squad 
8: When You Are A Martian Church 
9: Pig In A Blanket 
10: Inside 
11: Nothing But A Nightmare 
12: Flesh Crucifix 
13: Slimy Member 
14: Love Is Not 
15: Radio Schitzo 
16: Happy Farm 
17: Alice Crucifies The Paedophiles 
18: Army Of Jesus
19: Dutchmen 


Anonymous said...

Very cool.The term 'Anarcho Punk' was never used by anyone who is now over 40 and is an example of history written by the winners (revisionists) and demonstrates why we need blogs like this to help educate the newbies and preserve/share the relics.Using the term now reveals one as arriving (being born?) a tad bit late, like 40 years.There's nothing wrong with liking anything released by Rudi P after Death Church. It is a fact that while some have a good ear, others like post-Death Church Rudi P.I can't listen to it, just as I can't watch the US version of The Office, not after watching the original.Sorry for the bluntness, but people do judge and will make fun of you behind your back and you should know this.Full disclosure, as someone who thinks they know everything, I did not know about the pre-Rudi P Magits until I read about/heard them from this blog. The internet didn't exist 40 years ago and we had to buy things to even hear them and what teenager had the money for expensive imports.

Thanks JZ, you are steezy. Love you XXOO

Nick said...

Never too much Peni to be had. Many thanks for this.