Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Rudimentary Peni ‎– "Live At The London Musicians Collective 5/20/82" (Unite And Reject Tapes ‎– U.R 5) 1982

More traditional contemporary English Folk music from oft-sectioned  Anarcho-punk trio,Rudimentary Peni, as captured in the London Musicians Colective HQ in Camden in 1982.
Mysterious,and Illness blighted as they may be, they have a new album out called "The Great War" on Sealed Records, based on the doomed poetry of World War One bard Wilfred Owen,who copped it on the last day of the war elevating him to 'dead artist' status....without which we would probably have never heard of him. Which is why nobody's ever heard of Rudimentary Peni,because they have survived. Bass Player, Grant Matthews survived Lung Cancer in 1983,and still has to this day; nutty Schizo Nick Blinko,has been sectioned many times,but in order to work on his bizarre artworks and writing,he has to abstain from his medication,or inspiration is lacking.So, Nick puts his mental well-being at risk just to entertain you it worth it?......well....dare I say, Yes?
I am informed that Sealed Records are also going to re-issue everything Rudimentary on CD and Vinyl.So don't pay £300 quid on Discogs or E-bay for that illusive copy of "Death Church" because it'll soon be available for £15 plus shipping.
In the meantime, i'm not gonna put "The Great War" up for download,oh no,as this is a group whom i deeply respect....yes,maybe even love(?), even if they were on Vinyl On Demand...who, I,nay, We, respect not.
So, here we have an audience recorded bootleg of a rare Peni gig (they've managed 15 in 40 years) at the home of The Door and The Window,David Toop and chums,at the London Musicians Collective. They appear to be on prime form,with Blinko's padded cell scream in full voice.He does sound rather middle aged,vocally, these days,but they is still great,and strange,and alive.

1. Inside
2. Teenage Killer
3. Sacrifice
4. B Ward
5. Mice Race
6. Blind Dogs
7. Dead Living
8. Zero Again
9. The Gardener
10. Herse
11. Only Human
12. Media Person
13. Cosmetic Plague
14. Tower Of Strength
15. Dutchman.


Anonymous said...

Rudi P is still huge here in the states. Honestly, they are every young and old skater punk's favorite (music and T-shirt). No one now knows who they are if you call them Rudi P. Heard the cancer/institution stories were BS. The first two singles are some of the best 7"s ever made and Death Church is also great, but after that not so much. Nick's art is however world class, especially the colored cover of COIL's 'Unnatural History III'. Up to Death Church their releases are up there with the Minutemen, Urinals, Wire and Joy Division for guitar based music.

Thanks for this JZ, you rule. XXOO

Anonymous said...

Great. Thx, that's amazing.

badgerstump said...

I love a regular dose of Peni ... always cheers me up!

Guess I won't be retiring on the basis of my copy of Death Church then, ah well. A great band who should be listened to on repeat as some kind of gateway drug excuse for people of culture (non-nutrient agar variety). The new release is excellent, I think recent listening led to my cheese dream.

Gabe H Coud said...



George Floyd of the jungle, watch out for that knee!


Oh no! He can't breathe!

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ Gabe...I dunno what you're going on about, but I'll defend your right to say it.

Nick said...

Thanks for the Peni. Always a favourite and Nick's artwork has fascinated me for years.

Anonymous said...

Love these reissue campaigns, it brings out all the originals from closets worldwide. anon, thanks for giving me a reason to buy a Coil record, finally. Great War is wonderful, but is it an "album", at 19 mins total? Too bad it's at 33, since I enjoy playing some of the old 45s at 33. It's RP and Simple Minds that work better like that IMO. Magnus.

Anonymous said...

neat - thanks x

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ anon..I think its what they used to call a Mini-album?