Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Susan Alcorn ‎– "Evening Tales" (Mystra Records ‎– mystra #18) 2016

On the Jandek in Fort Worth review,one was struck by the strange wobbly Steel Guitar playing,which sounded like an off-kilter pressing of a vinyl album played at 27.5 rpm. Traditionally the guests and the representative himself are never credited on the sleeve.Therefore i mistakenly accused the Steel Guitarist of being either drunk or an imbecile. Then i found out it was none other than serious improviser Susan Alcorn on the strings. Well, i'm so fickle and startstruck by anyone that i'm told is a genius, that I instantly change my opinion to follow the rest of the Hive and saturate the page with sycophantic plaudits.......Oh she's so talented,a genius,unique,no-one else like her etc....especially as she plays alot with that other female improv leg-end, LaDonna Smith ,a mate of the late Davey Williams and the Trans Museq crew.
This album is one of her more tuneful,like some dying Hawaiian guitar record slowly melting near the crater of a volcano whilst being attacked by ants.
She still might be drunk,and why not(?) but she certainly is probably not an imbecile?


A1 Sapphire 4:26
A2 An Evening Tale 5:38
A3 The Healer (For Diane Keener) 9:31
A4 Lourdes In Marigolds 1:04
B5 Circular Ruins 7:09
B6 Milonga En Re (Menos Menos) 4:48
B7 Allegreto For David 3:41
B8 Tuwhera 1:40
B9 Hino Galego 3:03


Anonymous said...

oh man was hoping for Aarhus Sunday and San Francisco Saturday next, anyway thanks for all the Jandek Jonny and have a good new year

kevinesse said...

great! thanks! I recently bought a cd from LaDonna that included a note uring me to stay home! xxxx

parmalee said...

Curlew is conspicuously absent from this blog. Just sayin

Jonny Zchivago said...

Curlew, one of those hip bands with Laswell in it innit? That may fly.