Monday, 21 December 2020

Jandek - "Later On" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0741) 1981

I dunno how many of you have a vat of photographs of yourself hanging around ,but Sterling has. Some Mental Health professionals would characterise this as a symptom of a narcissistic personality disorder. Good cover photo though?

 Apparently I absent mindely failed to include classic period Jandek album,"Later On' in Die Or DIY?'s chronology of the pale Ginger Bard's vast output?
Fittingly its called "Later On", so i have a conceptual escape route here. Of course it should be posted later than his other 100-odd,or ,100-very odd, albums.
Not that his self-appointed PR/Manger would approve of any 'copyright infrigment taking place here. Some bearded nut from Vancouver, who stalked Jandek begging him,probably on his knees, in tears, to let him organize a gig for him in Canada.. David Ames? I think?
You know there's something wrong when a fifty year old bloke still uses the word 'Dude' in every malformed sentence he dribbles.
The lovely David, has a role in life to sporadically accuse your faithfull scribe as a know the usual stuff one get accused of by these self-appointed Ayatollah's.Rather Like Fat Frank of Vinyl On Demand, but he accuses me/us of stealing stuff that he sells that was originally either Free or incredibly cheap,to his corpulent middle class record collector followers. Where-as Dave the Dude accuses one/us of stealing stuff that Jandek used to give away for free anyway,and still does. He wouldn't be every Sun Ra fan's favorite copper-topped troubador nowadays if he hadn't have done that. Dave the Dude, in one of his arsey comments, even suggested that if he ever saw me he'd give me a sound ass-kicking!.....very silly,and unlikely.....have you ever seen a picture of me?I'm one meeeaaaannnn Muther Fucker!
These silly bastards have to wake up to the fact that the world has moved on.Recorded media was only around as a viable comodity for about 80 years or so.Now that its commercially unviable,they have to understand its time to move on.The days of Led Zeppelin and their earning potential for just recording something once and making copies to sell are loooong gone....but at least Led Zep actually worked for a living,by constantly touring.Jandek plays a couple of gigs a year,which is an infinite percentage increase on what he used to do...and I've said it before, he should have stayed a recluse,and kept the magic alive. Basically why should we invest our hard-earned income on something that is basically a 'Rip-Off'.Just a copy of a day or so' If i tried that with my boss, if I had a Boss that is (I've never had one kids), by sending in carboard cut out of me and stayed in bed all day moaning about how my colleques have all stole my idea...I'd be sacked...pronto.We all groan when we hear an Actor telling us how hard they worked on that new movie...he said WORKED!?...but somehow Pop Stars get a sympathetic response from so-called music fans.Yeah, you lot do fuck all and get rich, while we struggle to even eat.Of course the DIY music scene,otherwise know as 'Proper Music', is quite happy to earn fuck all money from making the things they love, and very capable of earning their own cash from the real world out 'working'....admitedly Jandek is not shy when it comes to proper work,as he has been seen working in some factory workshop,where he earns the dosh to release his his case its not the man,it's the fan who's the problem.
Anyway,risking the wrath of Jandek's manager/promoter/bodyguard/hippie Thug, here's a very belated file of Jandek's "excellently Jandek-like...."Later-On".It wery gud!


1.Your Condition 5:16
2.What Did I Hear 4:37
3.Just Whisper 3:46
4.Oh Jenny 3:40
5.Until Then 2:20
6.So Fly, Max 2:51
7.The Janitor 3:31
8.Don't Know If I Care 2:30
9.John Came 1:11
10.Jessica 2:29
11.Jackson's Gone Down The Mississippi 2:37
12.The Second End 3:17


Anonymous said...

Turns out "Fat Frank of Vinyl On Demand" makes a nice income of around 50,000 euros a year (before tax) from all those box sets. He then blows a lot of it on GPOrridge and TG tat, but why do the arses keep on buying all those box sets at eye watering prices????
Have a good Christmas
Yours Backspace

rev.b said...

As narcissistic personality disorder-types go, I'd rather Sterling had spent the last four year in the white house.

badgerstump said...

Here's the deal!

You fight him first and once you've tired him out, I'll finish him off and take all the credit.

Not one clue why Skinny Jonny and Fat Frank have such a beef ... assuming there is an ex girl/boyfriend involved?

steve said...

the fact that good 'ol dek has been able to pump out so many releases (producing at least 300 copies each first pressing, may I add), most of them issued within mere months of each other, suggest that either he is loaded, or makes a good enough profit off these records as is. dont know why any fan of his would even care about others jacking his stuff considering how far the dude's gotten off of mere word-of-mouth and novelty factor.

Besides, I'm willing to bet most people who have bought stuff through the official corwood site did so out of novelty after hearing some of the material off the internet (as i have), so if anything this is a good thing.

Unknown said...

I see I hit a nerve. |That makes me happy. I dodn't have to beg Corwood to perform. I HAVE produced three Jandek concerts. You name calling in lieu of an argument justifying your breaking copyright says everything.You don't respect him or Artists in general. You don't know that recorded medium and standards for legal distribution are irrelevant. Posting copywritten material is a crime, and steals from the Artist in question. You are a THIEF; plain and simple. And you can name call from your miserable, mental jail cell all you want. Most importantly, you are NO fan of Jandek.

Unknown said...

Vancouver is coming out. Post it , and I WILL f#cking find you. Remember.

Unknown said...

that includes if I have to be on an airplane so be it, sir.

Unknown said... it there.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Ayatollah speaks. I see i hit a nerve too...of course vancouver will be's an offence to host the files of copyrighted material,which i don't .I just post a link to it....not illegal i think you'll find.
Never said i was a fan of anything in particular.And anyone prepared to make silly,and illegal, threats on a public platform needs proffessional medical attention you silly twat.