Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Orphan Fairytale ‎– "Ladybird Labyrinth" (Ultra Eczema ‎– Ultra Eczema 67) 2009

 As it turns out, Ultra Eczema is a rather splendidly good label....I mean they released a vinyl Preggy Peggy album!!?
I like the album cover for this one, a psuedo for one Belgian Bird,Eva Van Deuren, who tinkles menacingly on her keyboards,and electronic gear, to make sinister soundtracks for imaginary kids programes.
The tunes remind me of the discomfort one felt when re-watchig "The Singing Ringing Tree",(East Germany's Greatest moment?), or sitting cross legged on the floor in the assembly hall,watching ITV 's programmes for schools..the most creepy being "Picture Box", especially that theme tune!
Good cover, good tunes, good record,good label.....not said that for a long time.Love you all XX.


A1 Phantom Shapes
A2 Happy Go Lucky
A3 Crybaby Needs A Hanky
B1 Bubble Memory
B2 Glorious High


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!
Her last albums are pure gems.
I hope for more Eva Van Deuren down here...

badgerstump said...

Can i just say that you're a twat?

I had forgotten about the picture box theme and i could have used that as the reason for killing my parents. But I went for the Thriller theme tune defense instead ...

... and now you give me the way out of rehab by reminding me of that fucking tree when it's all too late

Where were you when I needed you!

(btw, artist and label are genius but it absolves you of fuck all ... just to balance things out you understand)

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Picture Box theme told me to kill you...but i'm strong enough to resist this evil.....i remember the creepy guy who presented it was on Brookside for a year or so. I was disappointed that he was an actor...I thought he was real!

The dwarf from the ringy sing twee haunts my nightmares to this day and is why I drink and can never say its name.! I fancied the Princessen before and after the Dwarves magic spell. Does that make me a perv?