Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Plastic People Of The Universe ‎– "Passion Play" (Boží Mlýn Productions ‎– BM 8001) 1980

Whats this all about then? Surely these Bohemian drop-outs weren't religious types were they?
Most disappointing if true.
Maybe they saw themselves as something akin to a bunch of hirsute Christ figures in the Czech Communist pop world. Crucified for their sins against the state?
This is the self-view that many a psychopath has of themselves.Some go on to kill,some head muti-national conglomerates,others play superior underground avant-rock.The christ delusion is usually the domain of a singular psychopath rather than a group of Christs as if audtioning for the role of leader in a loss-leading broadway musical....."Would the dancing Christs please wait in the wing!We are only seeing Singing Christs!"
Whoever the lead christ figure is or was at this time in the PPU's history is open for debate, but the musical intrepretation of the last week the son of god spent on Earth is typically Zappa-esque with a splash of White Light/White Heat production values.


A1 Exodus 12
A2 Nebo Jití Jest Hospodinovo / For It Is The Lord's Passover
A3 Kázání Na Hoře / Sermon On The Mount
A4 Nepotřebujeme Krále / What Need Have We Of A King
A5 Čist Jsem Od Krve / I Am Innocent Of The Blood
A6 Zhřešil Jsem / I Have Sinned
B1 Reprise
B2 Otče, Otče / Father, Father
B3 Noc Temná / Dark Night


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about the Xian aspect of this recording though I would imagine they were using it as an anti-commie move, a rebel way of thinking. In some countries in Africa Xiananity is a rebel action.

Anyways a little Plastic People racket goes a long way, plus their take on Velvets/Zappa/Fugs axis is always welcome. Egon Bondy is a very nice package with the book and oppressive artwork.


Fanny Blancmange said...

Given the Communists' antagonism to any organised religion other than their own totalitarian anti-human politics Christ's followers seem a good example to follow for the seeding of islands of humanity amid the darkness.

Ta for the Eastern Bloc goodies.