Sunday, 17 November 2019

The Plastic People Of The Universe ‎– "Leading Horses" (Boží Mlýn Productions ‎– BM 8301) 1983

As its thirty years today since the start of Czechoslavakias 'Velvet Revolution',here's the third installment of Velvet Underground inspired Czech Velvet Revolution underground prog heroes The Plastic People Of The Universe'.
They don't sound so much like a Mothers Of Invention tribute band playing VU's WhiteLight/White Heat no more. Its more of a dark prog opera in a proto-Rock in Oppostion stylee kick in the balls.
Its down dirty and doomy, almost as if they'd been in a communist era prison......hang on guv'nor, theys have.Poor sods.
That which challenges one serves to make one stronger.See prison as an opportunity rather than a punishment.Lots of free time,unless you're sentenced to hard labour like the plastics.The few plus points of the inevitable forced sodomizing are that you can develop an ability to switch off mentally during future episodes of severe trauma, commonly known as your "Arse-Rape Place".Never will you have to listen to your nagging wife again,because you now can escape to your 'Arse-Rape Place'......good eh?
The more dubious benefits of prison life, like being stabbed up by a Nonce, are clearly less beneficial....unless you've already been bummed silly by Mr Big in the shower block and developed your "Arse-Rape Place" in advance of being knifed and brutalised,then you're sorted.Just twelve months of this to go and then its back to band practice......but this time don't get banged up FFS!!!
If you can't play in time, don't do the crime!


1 Co Znamená Vésti Koně 4:15
2 Slovo Má Buben 7:04
3 Samson 5:13
4 P.F. 4:57
5 Májová 6:24
6 Delirium 5:07
7 Fotopneumatická Paměť 7:31
8 Rozvaha Neuškodí Ani Kuřeti 6:10
9 Mše 3:45
10 Osip 11:14


Anonymous said...

What music plays in your arse-rape place?

Jonny Zchivago said...

A nice selection from Kunt and the Gang is almost spooky in its appropriateness...heres a track called..."my Bumrape Place" check it here:

Well its either that or some Czechoslovakian Prog?