Sunday, 3 November 2019

Various Artists - "Soviet Synth Wave Volume One (1980-88)" (2019)

The Soviet approach to making pop music was very similar to their apprach to architecture,as featured on the accompanying photo with this compilation. Brutal,formulaic,structually unsound ,with humans reduced to nothing more than an after-thought. There are no Yazoo's, Pet Shop Boys,or Gary Numanski's on here, just a jumble sale of imported music tech let loose in the hands of young(the 35-45 demographic) socialists with little or no idea of how to write a catchy tune......sounds good huh?
This all sounds like a whole music culture based on catching a brief snippit from a western radio transmission of a post Vince Clark Depeche Mode tune,merged with a three second snatch of a Classix Nouveaux track.
However, the Mumii Troll track is a urainium tipped classic.
Yep, leave the timeless electro-pop hits to those pale eye-liner wearing English Kids, and leave the Russians to do what they do best.....clearing a room.

Track Listing:

01. Alisa - Experimentator (1984)
02. Nautilus Pompilius - Eta muzyka (1985)
03. Nochnoi Prospect - Ansambli (1986)
04. Nikolai Kopernik - Liudi mira (1985)
05. Alians - Govoriashchaia golova (1984)
06. Agata Kristi - Vtoroi front (1988)
07. Mirazh - Okolo polunochi (1987)
08. Kino - Poslednii geroi (1985)
09. Televizor - Chelovek iz vaty (1985)
10. Zvuki Mu - Yezhednevnyi geroi (1987)
11. Mumii Troll - Saionara diska (1987)
12. Avia - Urok russkogo yazyka, par (1986)
13. Pop-kombinat - Telefonnyi robot (1987)
14. Zodiak - Zodiak (1980)

DOWNLOAD these dancefloor emptiers HERE!


rev.b said...

I boogie now.

Moahaha said...

If Soviet synth wave is anything like their brutalist architecture I have a lot to look forward to.

Fabio D. said...

Killed by Italian snippet!

Fernfrequency said...

I drink vodka vile relaxing to zi great socialist elektronika muzik of mama Moskva! Spasibo comrade!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed Komrade, and don't forget,Communism is the only way that human civilisation, and the planet can be saved from ourselves.As long as it has a cool soundtrack that is...if not the humans can go fuck themselves.

Fernfrequency said...

Last track by zi band Zodiac vould melt Siberia! Excellent stuff. Only Communist could make such good muzik...Long live zi old motherland.