Friday, 29 November 2019

N.Æ. (Niemen Aerolit) ‎– "Niemen Aerolit" (Polskie Nagrania Muza ‎– SX 1192) 1975

Czeslaw Niemen was Poland's Johnny Halliday of the keyboards, but with a major difference.....he was Good.
Starting off in Polish sixties Beat Group contrafactions, evolving through communist psychedelia and the obligatory Jimi Hendrix phase, he discovered Prog Rock fusion and the Mahavishnu Orchestra.
Among the sheer volume of albums Niemen put out in his career, i've chosen this experimental progressive fusion miesterwerk as one of his better creations.Lots of complex progging on here, and oodles of Mellotron.
Released on the Polish state Label, Polskie Nagrania Muza, he's backed by the trusty members of the Silesian Blues Band,or SBB....who had by now,thankfully, forgotten about playing any blues at all,which can only be a good thing.
The Communist authorities even let Niemen out of the country to tour the USA and release records sung in English in the UK,where he could meet and collaborate with his heroes Jan Hammer and John Maclaughlin.


1.Cztery Ściany Świata
4.Daj Mi Wstążkę Błękitną
5.Smutny Ktoś I Biedny Nikt

DOWNLOAD and fuse with the niemen HERE!


Anonymous said...

Think I'll give this a try. Czesław Niemen is one of the only names in your current series of posts that I recognize though I have never heard any of his recordings. Many thanks.


Drian said...

Hi unfortunately this download is blocked by mediafire, I tried a different browser and VPN which usually sorts it but no joy.
Thanks for all your fascinating posts

Jonny Zchivago said...

No its not blocked....try it more than once and it will let you through to the download.Usually on the second attempt. No different browser needed!

Drian said...

Thanks, you've obviously played this game before.
All sorted.
Keep up the good work.