Wednesday, 21 February 2018

S·Core ‎– "Dross" (Afflict Records ‎– Aff 003) 1985

This 'Dross' is probably S-Core's debut release is it not?
No reliance on the tactics as used by most of the Japnoise fraternity here.Instead of sandblasting the listener into submission, Yutaka Tanaka produced a gloomscape of 1950's electronica via The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, stuffed into a bag full of roof insulation. There are even some plaintiff melodies floating around to further distance himself from the Merzbow crowd.
Most 'Noise' albums are full of several versions of what is essentially the same track.This cannot be said about S-Core.There are Dark Ambient tunes,minimal synth non-hits,even some synth pop,the odd Dronescape,and some old school percussive Industrial numbers.Therefore this cassette is not as boring as yer normal Noise-fest.The other end of the scale from "Merzbox" and its fifty-plus hours of the same dynamic-less relentless racket.

DOWNLOAD this dross HERE!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, no need to dis Merzbow, last thing you want is to end up
with a grumpy old mans blog of pot shots at all things disagreeable....
where would would one begin?
Bucks Fizz? Black lace? and surely you did the 'birdy dance' at at
least one party back in the day....
Incidentally part of the fun with Merzbow is peoples reactions;
from polite discomfort to puzzlement or confusion, its always
worth a giggle...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Aww come is beyond a good ol' dissing.....Not even Merzbow.
Basically you only need one Merzbow 7" single for an anthropological expt on a normal person....not 120 albums of the stuff....better still make your own merzbow album, as many people do.
The Fizz as we call 'em are in a different sector of showbiz....'entertainment', and Black Lace are satire...surely?
The Birdy Song would induce the same puzzlement and confusion in many a Merbow fan,so is therefore beyond criticism.

Anonymous said...

you can never diss Merzbow enough

Mrs. Inside said...

Loving all this S*Core! do you happen to have "My Candle Has Died" or "Senile Decay"? or his tapes with Janus or Cat-Dog? I've been searching for those for a long time, so far to no avail. Fantastic stuff at any rate.

rev.b said...

I.....respect Merzbow, their esthetic. I even listen to them on occasion. Not the way I'd prefer to spend a day, But I'll take them over what's considered popular most days.. Think I'll take S-core over all of that.