Friday, 9 February 2018

Merzbow ‎– "Collection 001" (Lowest Music & Arts) 1981

Don't worry, this isn't the first of a hundred Merzbow tapes.I wouldn't do that to you!
But it does complete the Axis of Noise, after having done the Italian connection,with a smattering of Germans here and there;so logically,some Japanese noise is required.....also it allows a smooth segue into some other stuff from the sons of Nippon to follow like a Kamikaze attack on the senses; a divine wind of abstract noise if you will? 
This is very early Merzbow, so its more experimental sounding,and less reliant on brain searing Noise.


Side A
Side B

DOWNLOAD from somewhere over the merzbow HERE!


Anonymous said...

100 merzbow tapes would be good though

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks Jonny!

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