Sunday, 11 February 2018

Flying Testicle ‎– "Space Desia" (Charnel Music ‎– CHCD-8) 1993

A Japnoise 'Super Groop' called 'Flying Testicle'????? don't get much better than this!
That bloke from 'Merzbow', and that screamy bloke from 'Masonna', get down and make some sublimely, or subliminally fucked up Noise Rock that could clear a room of music fans in 60 seconds or less.
That's always a recommendation.
Underneath the mind destroying wreckage this is as close to actual song based music these reprobates have ever sailed close to, without hitting the 'Rock' and sinking in that abysmally redundant category. This is what 'Rock' music should sound like.A decontructed power trio from an anti-universe,devastatingly LOUD and obnoxious, a sonically offensive musical bad trip. It preserves the processed noise onslaught that its individual members are famed for,but adds conventional instruments to the morass to reel in the casual metalhead before they burst into tears.
All topped off by that ridiculous band name.....nearly perfect.


1 Johnny Guitar 10:50
2 Arturos Island 4:00
3 Romance 8:07
4 The Red Lanterns 2:31
5 Dark Eyes 7:45
6 Hit Kit Party 2:53
7 Night Falls 10:15
8 Open Squeeze/Horizontal Bop 19:17
9 Beautiful Dreamer 7:45


Anonymous said...

Could you put Opposite by Taku Sugimoto? It's my favourite album of improvised music from Japan.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I don't remember saying i do requests?...but as this one is of such high quality I will comply. It'll pop up in a couple of posts time so watch this space (desia).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much!

rev.b said...

With a name like Flying Testicle..... Anything that promises clear a room is a friend of mine. Thanks.