Monday, 19 February 2018

S·Core ‎– "Morbid Moppets" ( Afflict Records ‎– Aff 005) 1986

Most Industrial Noise fans could safely be referred to as 'Morbid Muppets',but I have no idea what a 'Moppet' could be......should I google it?.......Nah!
Yutaka Kanaka is the brains behind S-Core,and he's been going for over thirty years at this lark.
The noise on this cassette is yer usual subway train braking in a tunnel, crashing,probably causing immense loss of life and horrific life changing injuries,but with a hint of a Zoviet France influence with some overloaded drum loops to alleviate the monotony.

A The Afterimage 22:57
B1 Criticism 2:40
B2 Reddish-Black 6:34
B3 Sutra 12:12
B4 The Far East 2:53

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Anonymous said...

Well I believe that the word moppet is a colloquialism for a small child who is annoying or troublesome in a kinda cute way. I think there was a D.I.Y. 7" from Australia - early 80s with the word moppet in the name of the release or artist?

It's probably not a good idea to refer to a child or anyone else using this word.